Girls Women.

Question: why do bad guys get good girls?

Answer: your guess is as good as mine.

I was listening to some music and came across my dude Murs’ album, Murs 3:16. Here’s a song titled “The Pain”, which I had always thought was the highlight of the album. The lyrics stood out among the rest for its truthful topic and the narrator’s perplexed disposition. Glad I’m not the only one left guessing.

The Pain – Murs

Cause I’m tired of getting shot down, put down and dissed
I wanna be picked up, held tight and kissed
But things like these don’t happen to dudes like me
Because I’m more Coldplay than I am Ice-T
They say that good girls love bad guys and that might be
But a bad girl with a good guy, that’s unlikely
So what’s a man to do to get to hold hands with you?
Do I talk shit and stand and look hard with my crew?

And women in my life, there has only been two
My mother being one, and the other one is done
So my philosophy on dating is; ain’t no fun


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