cheese and whine.

Some bullshit taken from a peer’s facebook news feed:

Please let me speak on behalf of myself, as an API student. “Asian Ghetto” might be the “cool” or “hip,” and definitely popular thing to say, but I, and many other members of the API community do take offense to this term. People often don’t realize the greater meaning of the term when they use it, so I don’t take it personally when I hear it, but i can swear that a part of me dies whenever i hear the term “Asian Ghetto.”

The difference between renaming BRH and renaming The Asian Ghetto is that the term “Asian Ghetto” is offensive. 😉 Even if the term is widely used or unintentionally offensive, it is still offensive. First, let’s not generalize; not all of the restaurants are even Asian. Also, Asians, nor any other group, should not be marginalized; colonists should not shove us into a corner and label us, like they did in history. We are not any better than the people who work in the DFC. Calling it “The Asian Ghetto” gives the idea that these people are of a lower class than we are because we have the privilege to university students. Personally, I refuse to use the term “Asian Ghetto” because of my experiences as an API. There are actually people of color who live in the “ghetto,” and no one lives there by choice.

Can we also recognize that Asian culture simply cannot be characterized by take-out, dry-cleaning, bad driving, or even awesome math ability?

Also, let’s not dehumanize the homeless. There are reasons they are homeless other than they might be crazy or drug-addicted. Consider the case of the battered woman escaping from an abusive husband.


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